School Fair 2019 Raffle Winners Announced

And the winners are…
Congrats to all the winners of the Teacher Raffle prizes from last night’s school fair! Contact teachers directly for activity prizes.

  1. Mini Golf with Principal Dunn
    Brooke Bisaillon (Ms. Suscewicz)
  2. Ice Cream Social with Kindergarten Teachers
    Ava Tong (Ms. Raynis)
  3. Pizza Party with 1st Grade Teachers
    Caitlyn Nadeau (Mr. Feeney)
  4. Playtime & Popsicles at Wolcott Park
    Emme Rogers (Ms. McKenna)
  5. Pizza Lunch & Ice Cream with Mrs. Clayton, Mrs. Fisher & Mrs. O’Neill
    Brooke Kovdad (Mrs. O’Neill)
  6. Basketball Game with Mr. Feeney
    Thien-An (Mr. Feeney)
  7. Nail Painting with Mrs. Fagan
    Kayleigh Martin (Mrs. Stanish) & Aeonian Andrist (Mrs. O’Neill)
  8. Ukulele or Drum Lesson with Mr. Ranaudo
    Jameson Tobin (Ms. Suscewicz)
  9. Cards & Pizza with Mrs. Sebastianelli
    Noor Sayed (Mrs. Sebastianelli) & Sanai Belabe (Mrs. Sebastianelli)
  10. Laser Tag & Pizza with Mr. Dicks
    Ian Caldwell (Mrs. Sebastianelli)
  11. Panera & Popsicles with Ms. Raynis
    Samriddhi Pandey (Ms. Raynis)
  12. After School Party with Mrs. Stanish
    Hailey Lucco (Mr. Dicks) & Neila Feeney (Mr. Brouse) & Prakriti Mishra (Mr. Brouse)
  13. Activity Time with Mrs. Glasier
    Sunny Tong (Mrs. Kropp)
  14. One Hour Creativity Party with Ms. Stidolph
    Melinda Ford (Mrs. Sebastianelli)
  15. Ice Cream Social & Latin Dancing lessons with Señora Malaver
    Maddie Rogers (Ms. Raynis)
  16. A Private Art Lesson with Mrs. Kennan
    Kalyse Davis (Mr. Dicks)
  17. Playing with the Wolkatz
    Sofia Antanasio-Villa (Mr. Dicks)
  18. Board Games & Snack with Nurse Roberts
    Brigid Feeney (Mrs. Stanish)
  19. Pizza Lunch with Ms. Leander & Ms. Gorfain
    Priscilla Chavez (Ms. Suscewicz)

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