Committee Chairs

Back To School Packets – Jenny Fischer
Materials are provided by the front office just prior to the start of school. Coordinates volunteers to assemble packets that will be delivered to the classroom teachers and to be distributed by the them to scholars on the first day of class.

Back To School Teacher/Staff Luncheon – Michele Matzinger & Natasha Valdez-Palazzotto
Contacts front office for date and time of luncheon for faculty and staff of approximately 70 people (generally occurring the Monday before school starts).  Coordinates the selection, purchase and delivery of menu items, which may include coordinating volunteers for donated items. Provides set up and take down on day of the luncheon.

Back To School Ice Cream Social – Jill Oliver

Board Watcher – Cara Mulcahy
Board Watchers attend the Board of Education meetings at Town Hall, taking notes, introducing yourself to the board as a Wolcott parent, and representing our school whenever needed. Shares notes with at the PTO meeting and/or email them to the VP of communication so that the information can be shared with the Wolcott community.

Box Tops for Education – Jani DeMichele
Sets the collection schedule; traditionally, the Fall contest ends around Halloween and the Spring contest ends after Spring Break. Valid Tops (un-expired) are counted and bagged and then sent to General Mills. For more details check out the website for participating products. 

Conference Week Refreshments – Eamon Chaudhry
Coordinates refreshments for teachers during November and March Parent/Teacher conference weeks.

Cultural Council – Krista Eddy
Coordinates donations for the WH Cultural Council, which provides a wide variety of cultural performances across the district annually.

Family Game Night – Tara Rubino
Coordinates purchase of bingo supplies, prizes and concessions for a fun night of BINGO and prizes for the whole family to enjoy, generally taking place in February or March. Coordinates volunteers for bingo board and concession sales, as well as bingo caller.

Fifth Grade Luncheon/Desserts  – Natalie Ford
Serves as a point person with current 5th grade class to coordinate 5th grade lunch/desserts on the last day of school. (This position is held by 4th grade parents.)

Fifth Grade Memory Night – Tammy Fandozzi

Fifth Grade Yearbook – Michele Goldfarb

Growing Great Schools – Aileen Bastos
Serves as Wolcott representative to town-wide community organization to create healthier schools by connecting food, culture, health, and the environment.

Hartford Yard Goats Game – Brooks Fischer
Coordinates with stadium management and organizes ticket sales for Wolcott Night at the Yard Goats game.

Haunted Forest – Brooks Fischer & Rob Oliver
The Wolcott Children’s Forest comes to life to celebrate the Halloween Season. Parents/Families volunteer to create scenes in the forest while visitors tour for a good scare. Other volunteer opportunities include ticket sales, security, refreshment sales. There is a charge for all visitors.

Health Council – Marcy Miller
Serves as Wolcott representative to district-wide committee.

Movie Night in the Wolcott Forest – Kristin Minahan
Coordinates showing of free G-rated outdoor movie in Wolcott Forest in the Fall.

Paul Cryan Photos – Angela Nadeau
Coordinates photo sessions with the infamous Paul Cryan in the spring.

Parent Teacher Council – Michele Matzinger & Jenny Fischer
Serves as Wolcott representative to district-wide committee. Attends semi-monthly meetings and shares notes with at the PTO meeting and/or email them to the VP of Communication so that the information can be shared with the Wolcott community.

PTO Newsletter – Amy Ray
Creates monthly online newsletter highlighting PTO news and events.

PTO Website – Amy Ray
Manages PTO website.

Read A Thon – Amy Myerson

Room Parent Coordinator – Jill Oliver
Solicits volunteers from each classroom and functions as the point person for the distribution of information to classrooms with regards to social events, requests for volunteers, etc.

Run A Muck – Aileen Bastos & Natasha Valdez-Palazzotto

School Fair – Erica Nestor & Rich Dube
A signature event for the school taking place in June. The PTO rents inflatables, raffle prizes, food, and more. Classroom parents volunteer to manage various carnival games. Many staff members contribute to a special teachers raffle. This event also serves as a PTO fundraiser.

School Pictures – Wendy McGrath & Wendy Ganci

Spirit Wear – Jenny Fischer
Coordinates sale and distribution of Wolcott spirit wear.

Stop & Shop Program – Amy Truskoski, Pat Almeida & Tracey Caldwell
Manages and coordinates the year long Stop & Shop gift card fundraising program, including sign ups, card purchases and distributions, and payments.

Staff Appreciation Day – Kendra Bigger
Coordinates PTO’s Staff Appreciation luncheon.

Talent Show – Ryan & Tara Binder
The annual school talent show highlights the exceptional talents of our students in a fun filled family night which typically takes place in early spring. This position shares the job with the current committee chair helping plan and coordinate the talent show .

Tea Cup Auction – Kim Jewell, Kristin Minahan & Megan Belmonte
Coordinates the collection of themed baskets  from each classroom; room parents organize donations for the baskets.. Organizes ticket sales from Election Day through November Parent Conference week.

West Hartford Scholarships – Cate Jennings
Participates in the West Hartford Scholarship Committee to choose high school scholarship recipients from Conard and Hall.



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