Stop & Shop Fundraising Programs

#1 Stop & Shop Fundraiser

If you are a Stop & Shop shopper you can help our school raise $$ at no cost to you!!!!

Simply sign up to purchase Stop & Shop gift cards from the Wolcott PTO and you will be giving the school 5% of the gift card purchase price at NO COST TO YOU.

Gift cards can be used for purchases at Stop & Shop grocery stores or gas stations.

This is our major fundraiser which supports great events like the Haunted Forest, movie night, the school fair, and family game night. It also will help the PTO to earn money to purchase technology, fund various scholarships, provide teachers with appreciation luncheons and gift cards to purchase classroom supplies, and much more…

We distribute gift cards approximately every two weeks in brightly colored, self-addressed stamped envelopes sent home in your youngest child’s red class folder. When the envelope comes home simply write a check, put it back into the envelope, and return it to the school (either drop it in the office or in the mail).

It is that simple.

Ready to help Wolcott earn $? Contact Amy Truskoski to sign up and start right away.

#2 Stop & Shop A+ Program

Sign Up Today! School ID: 11016

You can also sign up for the Stop & Shop A+ Program and help our school earn a cash Reward just for using your Stop & Shop card.

When you shop at Stop & Shop and use your rewards card, our school will earn money for free!!  The program begins generally runs October through March.


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