Message from Principal Dunn

Please read the following from Principal Dunn:
As you may know from the news, a tragic event occurred yesterday at a home in West Hartford. At Wolcott School, we have mental health professionals available for any student and staff who needs support during this time.

Also, see below for the link to the parent letter that is going out today from West Hartford Public Schools.

Tea Cup Auction Tickets Now on Sale!

It’s On!!!! The Tea Cup Auction started on 11/1 and runs through 11/15! Stop in the lobby to check out all the amazing baskets our classes created.

Tickets: $1 each or $10 for 15 tickets
* for sale in the school office and at upcoming special events to be held at Wolcott *

Acceptable Payment Methods: cash or check payable to Wolcott PTO

Thank you in advance for supporting this important Wolcott fundraiser!


Rethinking School Start Times – Message from Principal Dunn

Dear Wolcott Families:

As you know, for the past year and a half, the West Hartford Board of Education has been studying the benefits and challenges of changing the start and end times of our schools. On November 20, 2018, the Board will hold a vote on this issue. After reviewing four options, the Board has narrowed their decision to two options.

Change School Start Times (Board of Education Option 2)
High School starts/ends 40 minutes later
Middle School starts/ends 20 minutes earlier
Elementary School starts/ends 10 minutes later

M, T, R, F W
High Schools 8:10-2:55 8:10-1:30
Middle Schools 7:40 – 2:30 7:40-1:10
Elementary Schools 8:45 – 3:30 8:45-2:10

No Change to School Start Times (Board of Education Option 4)
Retain the current school start/end times for all schools.

M, T, R, F W
High Schools 7:30-2:15 7:30-12:48
Middle Schools 8:00-2:50 8:00-1:30
Elementary Schools 8:35-3:20 8:35-2:00

We will be in communication with you once we know the outcome of this vote.

Thank you for our partnership,

Wolcott Earns with the Stop & Shop A+ Program

Are you a Stop & Shop Rewards Customer?

By shopping at Stop & Shop and using your rewards card you can generate more $ for Wolcott. All you need to do is register your card with the A+ program. This costs nothing, is simple to do online, and carries over each year without doing anything extra. You can also register more than one school so if there is a sibling at another school you can donate points to both schools. Please take a moment to check that your card is registered to Wolcott with the A+ program and encourage family, neighbors and friends, too. Last year we raised over $780 for Wolcott!
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